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14 APRIL - 14 MAY 2014

Nabad features six young Jordanian artists whose artworks are uniquely compelling in both form and content. Through a variety of media, including bronze, oil, acrylic and digital collage and print, the group represent the strength and innovative spirit of their local counterparts. Hani Alqam displays his familiarly dramatic portraits in intense hues, while Samer Kurdi shows digital prints and oils reminiscent of his earlier large canvases. Both Alqam’s and Kurdi’s works contain a social commentary and are inspired by urban culture. Basel Uraiqat’s paintings explore natural and human topographies which aim to reach hidden aspects of the perception of the natural environment. Juman Nimri shows expressionistic landscapes and figures in bold brush strokes and vibrant colours; her seemingly innocent figures are set in sharp contrast to their premature insight into the human condition. In her digital collages, Ghadeer Saeed focuses on experimentation, creating works filled with memories, mystery and surprise. Bronze and wood sculptures by Anees Maani resemble natural formations and ancient artefacts, bridging between  natural and human intervention.








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