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Acrylic on canvas

40x80 cm



New World

Digital print  1/12

36x20 cm



Samer Kurdi holds an MBA and a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Boston University. He has attended workshops at the Art Institute of Boston and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and at Darat Al Funun in Amman. He has held two solo exhibitions in Seattle and Amman and has participated in local and international group exhibitions and biennials. Kurdi has lived intermittently in the US and Jordan.


"While I am drawn to large, emotionally charged representational oil paintings in the expressionistic tradition, my artistic journey recently took a turn towards the digital, such that I am now using stylus and screen to create limited edition prints. I am drawn to spaces that represent urban culture, and spaces where ‘life’ is either present or implied. But more than the subject matter, I am drawn to the process of creating art itself, to the random, uncontrolled events, the relationship between artist and medium, and the way it can capture something emotional, something real, whether it is with paint and pigment or the digital screen."


Samer Kurdi


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