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Dyes & inks on paper

45x65 cm



Born in Gaza in 1959. Tayseer Barakat studied fine arts in Alexandria, Egypt. Since 1984, he has held solo exhibitions in Jerusalem, Rome, Sao Paolo and Vienna and has participated in most of the exhibitions of the League of Palestinian Artists in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, Spain and the USA. He lives and works in Ramallah.


"In his attempt to reveal the unknown, Tayseer travels far away from the perceived and the intellectual to roam freely within the soul, burning into the wood some of the questions of existence and being. As certainty vanishes into vulnerability, the artist moves away from words, letting free his imagination and dreams to express its legend in a colour different from all others. A colour that does not express itself vividly, but uses an idiom overflowing with endless signs that have, since the beginning of time, been used by man to overcome worries and concerns through charms and magic." 


Khalid Horani

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