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Antique silver box pendant with 18 k gold snake chain

Rula Atalla is an established ceramic artist who has been working creatively since 1989. She has explored the world of clay artisans in Jordan and has observed this particular artisanal industry dying out as a craft over the years. With that in mind, Rula optimistically tried a new approach in which the knowledge of clay-making and the skill of throwing off the mound could be preserved. Using local clays and personally formulated glazes, she co-founded Silsal Ceramics, a pioneering establishment that integrates potters and artists and combines their talents to produce fine stoneware pottery. Today, Silsal Ceramics is the leading ceramic workshop in the region. Since retiring from Silsal in 2009, Rula has been exploring other media.

  Among Rula Atalla's many artistic interests is one which is inextricably linked to her long-time desire to make a social impact. Atalla has recently been collaborating with "Ruwwad," a privately-funded non-profit organization which provides educational and social services to the underprivileged community of Jabal al-Nathif in eastern Amman. Working with a group of teenagers with certain disabilities, Atalla teaches them to make shapes with clay in a small workshop she established within the community, and uses them to create colourful framed landscapes. Proceeds from the sale of these works go to "Ruwwad" and therefore back into the community.

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