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Originally Palestinian, Rania Kamal was born in Surrey, UK and was raised between London, Beirut and Kuwait, eventually returning to the British capital in 1982 to complete secondary schooling. In 1989, Kamal graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Broadcasting from Boston University, Massachusetts, choosing film for its embrace of all creative processes including composition of shots, music, writing, lighting and sound. Among those which have inspired Kamal are the Dadaists, Jackson Pollock, Simone de Beauvoir, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. Following her graduation, Kamal returned to London and worked at WTN (now Reuters), and went to MBC on loan from WTN. After 4 years at Reuters, she relocated to Singapore and then settled in Dubai 1996, where she is based. At various intervals in the 1990s, Kamal worked on various sets of Miramax movies. In 1998, she started formally painting, beginning with large, abstract colourful canvases, and eventually gravitated towards black and white.


For her first solo exhibition, Kamal presents "Conversation," a result of a 35-day experiment during which she challenged modes of expression and liberty in a dialogue format with herself. Works in this series tackle notions of humanity and truth and are rendered in gesso, resin and coloured pigments.

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