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Creativity is a glimpse into the realms of endless possibilities. It sneaks upon us and takes over our senses, tempts us to delve into the unknown realms of our psyche. Although it might be rooted in the deep confines of our consciousness, neatly tucked away between reality and imagination, it forces us to go beyond the mere physicality of being.


Creativity is that place where intuition and experience meet. It is a collage of seemingly disconnected found objects, feelings or thoughts which we attempt to bring to life through the spoken word or marks on paper or clay.


We do not create art. Quite the contrary. Art – an elusive concept – seduces us and brings us into its fold, creating us instead. At the center of this wondrous thing we call life, is the innate urge to make sense of it all. Yet, it is the process and not the end that makes us who we are. We are only the sum of our experiences and art – as in all other aspects that inform our life – is a search with an end in sight. Art just happens.


I believe that to live is to create. And, we – the artists, the dreamers – are the lucky ones.


                                                                                                            Nada Koleilat Doany



Nada Koleilat Doany sees art as play. She grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, a city known through the ages as the cultural port ‎between Europe, Asia, and North Africa.  Her rich heritage and extensive international experiences are reflected in her approach to life and art: a playful mixture of ‎East and West with a signature style that is uniquely hers. She ‎holds a Doctorate degree from the University of Texas at Austin ‎in Philosophy of Language, as well as two Master’s degrees in Sociology and Communication. Being trilingual, she enjoys ‎spending her time reading and traveling as well as ‎volunteering in the communities she has lived in.  ‎


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