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Born in Madrid in 1978, Carlota Escribano studied Fine Arts at Complutense University in Madrid from 2000 to 2005. She has held twelve solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and art fairs in England, Holland, Spain and Switzerland. She currently lives and works in Madrid as a photographer, plastic artist and art teacher.


“Dunes stem from the need to record my own time; the need to release my own unrepeatable experience as it consumes my life and fills it up. The Dunes speak about the distancing of those who learn from themselves. To stay in or to get out of the circle. To shift stylishly while you think about it. To wonder if one could think differently than one thinks and perceive differently than one sees in order to keep on watching and pondering. ..My work is the result of a profound inquest of painting through dialogue with the image and occasionally writing. I sketch my paintings through the photographic lens. On the photographic image—or through it—I apply paint and other materials so as to distort or to extend concepts. Stories filled with truths and exaggerations. They are small samples of unfinished tales. I write and paint my time, gathering paintings, pictures and writings.”

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